# Appendix 1:Global Error Codes

# Description

Each time the interface is called, a code may be returned. Based on the return, you can debug the interface and troubleshoot errors.


  • You are supposed to troubleshoot by codes instead of error messages as they may be adjusted.
  • If the request parameters do not conform to the json specification, this may result in the CJ server parsing the parameters incompletely, in which the interface will return "Warning: wrong json format.". You need to check the request parameters of json.

# Error Code Description

Return Code Error Description Troubleshooting
200 Success The request was successfully processed.
1600000 System busy The server is currently unavailable. Please try again later. No more than 3 times.
1600001 No permission CJ-Access-Token is invalid, View Help
1600002 CJ-Access-Token not found CJ-Access-Token not found, View Help
1600003 Refresh token is failure Refresh token is failure, View Help
1600100 The interface has been taken offline The interface is currently offline. Please contact the administrator.
1600101 Interface not found Interface path is error
1600200 Call exceeded limit View Help
1600201 Quota has been used up Quota has been used up,View Help
1600300 Illegal parameter View help
1601000 User not found User not found, email error
1602000 Variant not found Variant not found
1602001 Product not found Product not found, product is error, or product offline
1603000 Order create fail Order create fail, Please contact CJ admin
1603001 Order confirm fail Order confirm fail, Please contact CJ admin
1603002 Order delete fail Order delete fail, Please contact CJ admin
1603100 Order not found, Please check the CJ order id Order number is error
1603101 Order pay fail, Please contact CJ Order Center Order pay fail
1604000 Balance is insufficient Balance is insufficient
1605000 Logistic not found Logistic not found
1606000 Webhook setting add fail, Webhook already have settings
1606001 Webhook set fail Webhook set fail, Please contact CJ admin
1607000 Webhook url error Webhook url can not empty

# Troubleshooting methods

# Error code: 1600200

Interface call exceeds limit.

  1. For specific frequency policy, refer to: Active call frequency limit
  2. The time is the same. For example, if you beyond the minutes limits, you can request again after minutes, while it will be hours if you beyond the hours limits.
  3. Our rate limit is not strict. For the calls, the following optimizations are considered.
    • When the interface is implemented, only system failures need call again. For other error codes, the specific failure shall figured out.
    • The call is reasonable or not. For a real-time synchronization, it can be changed to a timed task call as too many calls of one user will cause a bad experience.

# Error code: 1600300

Invalid Parameter. It doesn't meet the system requirements. You can refer to the specific API interface instruction. Also, you need to confirm:

  1. It is a correct Http request method. For example, if the interface requires the Post method, you cannot use the Get method.
  2. It is a correct Http request parameter. For example, if the interface requires a json structure, it cannot be passed as an url parameter or form-data.