# Start

# Flow

CJDropshipping will provide you quality products source and fast shipping also good service for your drop shipping business. CJDropshipping will take care of everything else beside your marketing or ads. Making money online is easy.

Note :

You need to add products to CJ PLATFORM through CJ API first. You will be able to see the products by Login account, and Go Products tab. You will have to Connect Products before Automatically Pulling Orders from your store or system. CJ PLATFORM will start to pull orders from your system by checking API. Once products connection done, you will be able to add pulled drop shipping orders to the cart and pay for it.

# Submit the first request

  • Request the address : https://developers.cjdropshipping.com/

  • Content Request Setting

Name Required Description
Content-Type required default : application/json
CJ-Access-Token required default : Your secret key in CJ
  • The test request

POST api/account/start

name Required Description
access required , string(40) The test of parameters and, if successful, you can perform the API operation


    "access": "hello"

response HTTP/1.1 200 ok

    "result": "hello"